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Rules for Subletting


Barclay Real Estate Management does allow Subletting in the rules of your lease.

Barclay Real Estate Management does not get involved in finding Subtenants.

The Sublease Agreement is STRICTLY between you and your Subtenant, but Barclay Real Estate Management reserves the right to take action against your Subtenant if they break any rules of your current lease.

The Sublease Agreement must fall with in the time frame of your current lease.

If you share your Apartment/ House with other tenants, you must have their permission to sublet your portion of the Apartment/ House.

Barclay Real Estate Management will accept monthly installment payments, on your behalf, from your Subtenant. You may track these payment on our online Portal

You Must provide Barclay Real Estate Management with a copy of the Sublease Agreement which includes the Subtenant Name, Email Address and Phone Number.

Below is a sample of a Sublease Agreement. You may use this or find one that better suits your needs.


Sample Sublease Agreement





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